Nest Series


Victoria continues to explore the sky as a metaphor in which she floats disconnected nests representing the struggle between the soul’s need for attachment and the spirit’s need for freedom, a major theme in most relationships form the young child to the elderly. The nests are metaphors for a restless society unconnected to its roots. The feathering of one’s nest or the accumulation of belongings contrasts with the freedom of being unattached.  Found objects woven into or filling the nests create an uneasy mix of natural and synthetic elements. They are also a reminder of an environment displaced in an urban landscape.

 Slipping ThruSlipping Thru – 36″ x 48″ Cast AwayCast Away – 36″x48″Nest with the Best ViewNest With The Best View – 36″x48″- SOLDI Take It With Me Wherever I Go 24''x36''I Take It With Me Wherever I Go – 24″ x 36″ -SOLDIt will be the Unraveling of Me 24 x24''It Will Be The Unraveling Of Me – 24″ x 24”Peace Offering 24 x 24Peace Offering – 24″ x 24″ – SOLDTaking it with Me 30 in x 40inTaking it with Me – 30″ x 40″It's My Time Now 30x40It’s My Time Now – 30″ x 40″My Burning Desire 24x24My Burning Desire – 24″ x 24″A Fresh New Start 24x24A Fresh New Start – 24″ x 24″Time Out 36x48Time Out – 36″ x 48″On Until MidnightOn Until Midnight – 36″ x 48″ Finding Home 36x41Finding Home – 36″ x 41″Monarch Retreat 39x 39Monarch Retreat – 39″ x 39″The Clock is Ticking 29x50The Clocks Ticking – 29″ x 50″A Long And Difficult Path 33x53A Long and Difficult Path – 33″ x 53″ SOLD

Break Away 24x36Break Away – 24″ x 36″Labarinth Study 12 x 12rLabyrinth Study – 12″ x 12″SOLDLeaving the Nest STUDY 16 X 20Leaving the Nest Study – 16″ x 20″SOLD